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Do you need better lures to catch more bass every time you go out fishing?

The Nech Wilderness 14k gold spoon makes it easy, and a lot more fun.

Are you ready to experience Big Bass Fishing like never before? Then you are ready to cast The Nech Wilderness Spoon.

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The Nech Wilderness Spoon is 14k Gold plated for maximum performance in most fishing conditions. Its gold luster makes it highly visible in the water and allows fish to see it from farther away and in most fishing environments. Gold also has a unique vibration that adds to its attraction. There are just so many reasons why the gold makes the best bass fishing lures, but there is just something about gold that attracts all forms of life. So if you love bass fishing and want to put this lure to the test, come join us on a guided bass fishing tour at Lake Fork. Lake Fork is one of the top bass fishing lakes for big bass in the country, and the home of Nech Wilderness. Some of the products and services we offer are: 

Bass Fishing Lures by Nech Wilderness & Lake Fork Lures



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